June 6, 2018
USA Today
Nathan Bomey
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% : Data
Article contains false or misleading data.
% : Facts
Article contains false or misleading facts.
% : Advocacy
Article openly advocates for a political ideaology.
% : Sensasionalism
Author uses language to provoke interest or controversy.
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Article is inflammatory or divisive.
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Author quotes un-named or dubious sources.
% : Opinion
Article includes the authors opinion or speculation.
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% : Click-Bait
Headline is intentionally vague or incomplete.
% : Conclusions
Article reaches or draws unsupported conclusions.
% : Pursuasive
Article is intended to pursuade the reader.
% : Imagery
Article uses unflattering or edited images.
% : Headline
Article headline is misleading or editorial.


Media Drool
Media Drool
2 days ago

What the heck yo?

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